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Rounding Down Xmas

The grandkids received payouts for their good behavior, although Grandpa rounded down the totals. A carving station steward sliced Steve’s beef too thin. Steve abandoned an active text convo with Tom Thayer, diluting the efficacy of Tom’s joke response.

About This Episode

The grandkids visited Santa this weekend and were also treated to (most of) their good behavior payout. While at the country club, Steve told a fib (not a good idea with Santa in the room) in order to get an extra portion of meat. Did Tom Thayer throw Jeff Joniak under the bus on TV? Tom neither likes nepotism in the NFL, nor does he like being left hanging on a text thread. Mike Dahl visits to recap some recent activities and double check whether Steve wants them all to stay at the house. Steve’s down on baseball at the moment.

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