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Steve’s Gearhole

Steve’s Reverb sales side hustle hit its first snag. His “new” listing proved inaccurate. Janet rummages through Steve’s cable drawers to highlight his hoarding. He may just offer his gear to the garage band across the street. Steve cloned his computer.

About This Episode

Steve’s been enjoying Seth Meyers as of late, but Fred Armisen doesn’t seem to be second banana material. Dag’s voice is still rough, so it’s up to Steve to bring the Jovi, as well as the Rosie. After a few facts about the Komodo Dragon (world’s largest living lizard), we talk about Dick Shawn. The hot rock sounds of Toxic Crayon are filling the air again, signaling the arrival of summer. A buyer of one of Steve’s pieces of gear notices a discrepancy. Janet answers email and reflects on Roger Dahl’s last stay at their house.

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