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Today’s Matt Dahl’s birthday and he’s on the phone. Dinner plans changed due to baby vomit. Steve shot a 108 out on the golf course. Dag and Brendan dispute lyrics to the On-Cor frozen food jingle. Glenview beavers are in peril and Steve burnt a turkey.

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Steve’s golf outing was a success, and he played all 18 holes, despite being offered the option of quitting after 9. His triumphant streak continued as he went home and fixed his faltering air conditioning system, although he’s not quite sure how he did it. We place a phone call to birthday boy Matt Dahl. His dinner plans were altered by a sick infant, but some Plan B tacos saved the night. Steve and Janet are eyeing their return trip, but they may not arrive back in time to help save the Glenview Beavers. Brendan is making plans to get his vaccine at Wrigley Field; not sure when his encore is scheduled.

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