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Sucking on Chili Dogs

Steve is in New Buffalo after a Michigan road trip to Janet’s sister Marie’s home. Governor Pritzker did a Jello shot at the Pride Parade. Janet dresses the cement geese lawn ornaments in Bears gear. Tom Thayer’s mom used to strain soup per his request.

About This Episode

Steve and Janet took their trip to Detroit and are now enjoying time in New Buffalo. Kalamazoo Steve, a northern variation of Florida Steve, emerged while waiting in line at The Donut Mill in Battle Creek for a fritter. Dag’s Sunday gig with Courtesy Patrol was cancelled, but he did use the time this weekend to purchase a new giant-headed golf club. He’s certain it will mend his inconsistency off the tee. Tom Thayer has some thoughts about off season practice, not to mention strained chicken noodle soup.

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