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Tasty Pickle Juice

Henry and Jackson created a treadmill challenge with high stakes and potential for disaster. A tropical storm hit Southern California. Tom Thayer never concerned himself with injuries during his playing career. Pickle juice is a trusted cramping remedy.

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During his playing career, Tom Thayer has experienced severe full-body cramps. In recent years, he had to crawl to his fridge for ice and hydration. He’s glad the NFL employs hydration experts to teach players how to properly prepare for exertion. Jason McKie is a big believer in pickle juice, which is now widely available in bottles. Tyson Bagent is turning heads within the Bears organization. His dad is a world champion arm wrestler. Steve informed Paul Zerang about a streaming modulation issue and Ziggy made sure the issue was resolved. The popular Air and Water Show didn’t disrupt Brendan’s reverse commutes to and from Oakbrook. Henry and Jackson couldn’t resist the lure of Grandpa’s treadmill.

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