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Waking up in a Hole

David Hochberg has a mystery stain on his door. He will be holding monthly online seminars to answer mortgage, credit score and student loan questions. Dag is flying to Houston to hang with his siblings. Working man anthems aren’t always what they seem.

About This Episode

A country music star has emerged seemingly overnight, and we dip a cautious toe into his song. David Hochberg joins us on the phone from the WGN studios today, where he does some colorful theorizing about a mysterious liquid stain on his office door, and he also offers some solid financial advice. Dag is back on the road (well, in the air) this weekend, for a family hang. And we take your phone calls at last! Some of them were getting a little ripe. Steve invents Tell the Customer to Shove It Friday! Might not be a regular thing, though.

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