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The Bearded Spam

Steve expressed steak seasoning regret several hours after dinner. He felt as if he embodied Walter Matthau in that moment. A beard beautifying company reached out to see if badass Steve wanted to review its line of ostrich oil beard treatment products.

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Subscriber email continues to clear up lyrics from The Music Man. All this clearing of the air inspires Joe to confess to a mistake he made last week, one that’s been haunting him ever since. Steve and Janet each created something special and delicious for their dinner last night. Despite Steve forgetting to season his offering, it was still deemed a success. Some bearded spam email sends us down an ostrich hole. Which insurance company commercials are aging well? Also, there are some different theories on why golfers yell “Fore!” after an errant shot. We expect a lot of that at Monday’s Second Annual Podcast. Should the internet be free?

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