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The Chain Smokers

Steve’s prostate exam showed nothing to be concerned about. A Florida man allegedly stabbed his roommate with scissors. A second Florida man dove out a window. A third Florida man found an iguana in his toilet. Joe pinpoints 1974 as a bicycle boom year.

About This Episode

Steve received the good news he was hoping for from his doctor. Things are all clear for him to start riding his bike again, among other things. Janet’s friend Bonnie provides her with a fascinating psychological understanding of why Steve and other Scorpios behave the way they do, and Dag is interested in hearing this as well. We’ve got a trio of Floridiots to learn about, as well as a story of a long-running Quad Cities bike shop that’s going out of business. Seems no one wants to manage a bike shop anymore, as easy as Joe purports it to be. Brendan witnessed a bad traffic situation in Western Springs, but did not stop in to visit Steve.

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