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Pedicabs and Petty Problems

A mushroom-painted merch bus plowed across Clark and Addison with little regard for bike-propelled people movers. The Joker led the Denver Nuggets to the NBA Championship. Steve knowingly parked in 2-hour parking in Rosemont but didn’t receive a ticket.

About This Episode

Wrigleyville is the site of a traffic accident concerning a well-meaning pedicab driver and an uncharacteristically aggressive party bus driver, who undermines the whole mellow vibe of the Grateful Dead community. We hear some news reports of the incident. Brendan, thankfully, was unscathed, and unaware. Today, our topics are as wide ranging as Spiro Agnew and Kanye West; Jeff Buckley and The Strokes. Plus, we get helpful facts, information and conversation starters from our fine subscribers on this cool, slightly overcast Talk To Me Tuesday.

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