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The Chicken and the Road

Steve and Janet are home safely in Illinois. Tom Thayer is forgoing his morning surf in order to preserve his legs for a round of golf with Chris Berman. WINK mistakenly identified Steve Dahl as the Lahaina surfer. Joe Burrow reminds Tom of Jim McMahon.

About This Episode

Steve and Janet have returned from Florida, after some Herculean driving and Champy’s Chicken. They’re getting reacquainted with their surroundings. Brendan hit a pair of Cubs games over the weekend: one day found him up in a skybox with Sam Sklar, the next day found him getting drenched by a passing car at a bus stop. Tom skips his morning surf, in order to maintain his energy for a Monday round of golf with Chris Berman. He also talks Jim McMahon, sports cars, headbands, forks and eye injuries. Dag had some successful rock shows over the weekend. Steve’s one week away from having the doctor look at his bum knee,

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