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The Land of Milk and Money

Tom Thayer hopes the Packers’ draft picks upset Aaron Rodgers. Dag visited the Woodstock Moose Lodge. Steve’s waiter pulled a well-received prank. Dag waited in line at Dinkel’s to bid farewell to the renowned bakery and purchase chocolate chip cookies.

About This Episode

Welcome to the working week on the DahlCast, where we review our weekends: Brendan watched the Cubs crush it on a perfect Saturday afternoon at Wrigley (it softened the blow of the Bulls defeats), Dag had fun at Woodstock fundraiser, and Steve found a weird but compelling back channel real estate offer from none other than Jim Oberweis. Got a spare $5 million? There’s a $300k incentive in it for you. Tom Thayer had a secret stint as a mascot for a convenience store, and wonders if Steve would ever want to be Staley for a day. Tom’s getting ready for the Bears draft, as well as a trip to Hawaii.

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