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The Milkman Cometh

Joe storyboards a fictional film loosely based on the life of Steve Dahl. A Finnish Olympian was crotchety after suffering a frozen appendage during a downhill competition. Steve ran into Jim Oberweis on his morning walk, but couldn’t get his attention.

About This Episode

Steve and Janet carpe the diem and go out for an early morning stroll. In doing so, in Brendan’s opinion, they have finally taken advantage of all that Florida has to offer. They spotted local dairy magnate Jim Oberweis along the path, and Steve failed to get his attention despite a good, loud effort. Today’s highly educational RadioCast bandies about names like Copernicus and Galileo; names as opposed to actual facts. Is your Florida attorney drunk and nude? If not, we have someone to consider. Also, we welcome flat earthers to today’s show.

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