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Like Falling Out of Bed

2-2-22 fell on a Twosday! Speaking of falls, Steve fell out of bed. Rosie failed to react. Janet observed Lamborghini owners showing off for one another. There was a bomb threat at Publix. Rosie insists both balcony doors remain open, so she can circle.

About This Episode

Steve reached for something in the night and wound up falling out of bed. He’s fine, but he’s a little miffed that Rosie didn’t leap up to check and make sure that he was okay, like dogs on TikTok seem to do. They (Steve and Rosie) have a discussion about it on today’s show. The Monday FL poolside party was a bit of a bust. Janet has some Cracker Barrel memories, while Steve doesn’t. He’s never been to one, even in Cracker Barrel country. Florida has 60 Cracker Barrels. Insert FL cracker joke here: ____.

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