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The Old Razzle Dazzle

Steve and Janet purchased Great Lakes hats and lunched at Greenbush Brewing Co. Joe partook in the annual Naked Bike Ride, cheered on by celebratory Chicagoans. A tourist carved a message of love into a wall of the Colosseum, angering Italian officials.

About This Episode

Steve brings some historical donut knowledge to the show that he learned from TV, while Dag is convinced that people will sit through commercials if it means access to free TV streaming apps. Should Steve and Janet wear matching Great Lakes hats (pink and blue respectively)? Joe captures good footage of an attention seeking man on a triple decker bike at the recent Naked Bike Ride. A popular Mexican seasoning could hold appeal for Flowermouth, Steve, but there's a hot version for Dag too. Razzle dazzle your way through this Guacamole Wednesday show.

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