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There Is No Fun in Funeral

Steve needed formal attire for Jenny’s funeral, so he went suit shopping at Macy’s. He stopped at Dan Navarro’s house concert and did some thigh drumming. Jimmy Buffett’s passing bummed everyone out. Steve saw Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Judge at the hotel.

About This Episode

We’re back in front of our microphones, catching up and trying to remember how the gear works. Steve, Janet and family attended Jenny's services in Detroit and are back home now. Steve needed to commandeer the Macy’s sales lady from some chatty hikers, as he learned the process of buying a suit. He also had to run security in his hotel, as a bedazzled woman attempted to gain entrance to floor where the Yankees were staying. Steve is saddened by the death of his friend Jimmy Buffett. Brendan got a free Italian beef sandwich in an alley while on a cigarette run with his brother in law.

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