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Three Turkeys, No Waiting

Dag played tree surgeon for his Christmas pine. Shorted on garland, Steve avoided decorating. Tom Thayer topped his turkey burger with Cholula on the airplane ride home from New York. Jackson and Emery Dahl composed an impromptu Thanksgiving piano song.

About This Episode

We enjoy a Thanksgiving wrap-up, and learn that it was good times and good food all around. It’s also noteworthy to learn that songwriting has once again returned to The Dahl Household. Tom is a little bit weary from talking about the Bears’ latest loss, and restates his frustration over an untied shoelace on the football field. Brendan’s Christmas tree is up, but it is sorely in need of lights and ornaments. Dag chopped down a humble tree, but had to do some emergency surgery on it before placing it in the stand. Steve continues his deep dive in WWII documentaries.

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