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Tom Don’t Dance

Last night’s Dahlcast recording at Zanies in Rosemont was an audio rollercoaster, but it worked out splendidly in the end. Tom Thayer is appearing in a TV ad for ESPN Chicago, which reminds him of an unreleased commercial in which they parodied ‘N Sync.

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We’re fresh from our Zanies show last night, and we offer a fairly complete recap, though we are holding on to some details for when the show is played back on Friday. There were some technical glitches but Steve got them sorted not without some help. Vince (Argento cheese fortune), Brendan and Dag rallied and kept the crowd’s spirits up. Tom Thayer sheds some light on mandatory practices, and we all discuss making our meal at Thayer Brothers Deli a reality in the near future. Tom also shares a story of a commercial shoot when it was requested that he dance. Request denied. Happy Monday, from The DahlCast!

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