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TV Muffin Fluffin’?

Steve ponders a new career as a news reporter down in Florida. He’d bring a whole different energy. Dag and Steve recommend several British TV series. Kraft offers pink mac and cheese for Valentine’s Day. Steve fumbles his water bottles on Rosie walks.

About This Episode

Steve and Janet are working through a new TV show (FBI), but the heavy handed exposition might prove to be too much to bear. Meanwhile there are some gentle TV options via the BBC. Brendan cranks some Sinatra and reimagines an Italian dinner. His menu choices sound odd, but upon further review it appears to be a winner. It's certainly better than the limited time candy-coated mac and cheese that’s arriving in time for Valentine’s Day. A report about a Floridiot (nude in public, if you can imagine that) leads Steve to consider a new career as a Florida TV reporter with a twist.

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