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What Happens in Vegas…

Janet noted Steve’s audible groans during the first two White Sox playoff games. Game 3 was better. Bears fans overtook Las Vegas. Neal Schon’s guitar rendition of the national anthem wasn’t stellar. Tom Thayer’s red-eye flight was unpleasantly delayed.

About This Episode

An Xfinity outage sets the recording schedule back a little bit, but the fellas are raring to go after a sports-happy weekend. Tom Thayer has a report from the Bears’ victorious Vegas trip, including a bizarre take on the National Anthem from guitar throttler Neal Schon, and a hard-partying redeye passenger who was unable to adhere to the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” adage (gastronomically speaking). Speaking of flying; William Shatner is heading to space on the Bezos Rocket. Also: does the thermos match the lunchbox?

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