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Who Poisoned Steve?

Steve’s digestive system is on the fritz. He links it back to runny hash browns at a buffet. Dag recoils at Steve’s propensity to pour ketchup on eggs. 104.3 The Party airs a legacy morning show. Janet counsels a subscriber about moving back to Chicago.

About This Episode

Steve’s been having some problems with his stomach, and maintains that he’s been poisoned. Was it the runny hash browns (you read that correctly)? He and Janet have started to watch Squid Games, and were somewhat surprised that it’s not a fun game show. Will they make it to episode two? The jury is still out. Also, Dag wants to know what kind of beast puts ketchup on their eggs. Steve has his answer. Also, Janet kicks off a five year project to help a listener relocate to the area from Michigan.

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