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Xmas 2020 Wrap-Up

Everyone had an amazing Christmas. Steve received doughnuts and Brendan got a Cubs hoodie. Mike altered Steve’s display laser to create a dance party in the garage. Tom Thayer looks forward to Packers at Bears next Sunday. David Montgomery could be key.

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Steve encountered some donuts and pizza at the weekend garage party (which morphed into a dance party when Steve stepped away for a massage), and so he’s got some work to do this week. First step: all baked goods have been relocated. A brand new Cubs hoodie has made Brendan a happy man. Tom Thayer joins us to talk Bears, baldness and whiskey. He also points out that Mike Glennon is no Aaron Rodgers. Dag and family watched Con Air on Christmas night, while Steve and Janet watched The Big Lebowski kicking off a couple of new traditions. A cute little girl writes a cute letter to a cute toy company, and the sounds of virtue signals fill the brisk winter air!

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