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One Hell Of A Year

Roger Dahl switched allegiance from Ortega to Pace Picante at some point after Steve left California. Steve still likes Ortega. An old friend recaps 2020 with his year in review. It began with Australian wildfires as a lead-in to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About This Episode

Looks like there will be no winter golf outing for Steve, especially as we are all bracing for an ice storm. It’ll be a fitting end to this year, which started off full of fire and disease. In fact, we are joined by an old friend that’s been quite busy this year, and he checks in with some serious humble bragging as he reminds us of all of his 2020 accomplishments. As Brendan points out, it’s been a Hell of a year. That’s a Masked Dancer worthy clue to let you know who our special guest is. We welcome new subscribers with some back story about Steve’s travel condiments. Dag is, it should be pointed out, cruising happily along on Mayan Gold Coffee compliments of roast2order.

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