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A Case of Carpinteria

Grandpa failed to fully answer Margaret’s question about night owls, so older sister Mary took over the explanation. Joe receives bike-related holiday gifts. Agatha Christie’s real-life mystery happened in December, but had nothing to do with Christmas.

About This Episode

In this season of Christmas shopping, it’s just as important to know what *not* to buy someone on your list as it is to get them what they want. As a recipient of many bike themed gifts over the years, Joe can attest to this fact. Steve unravels the holiday mystery of Agatha Christie’s disappearance, in a story uncovered by Brendan, continuing our sleigh ride through the 12 Days of Christmas. Dag provided some music, but it was far too jaunty for this gripping tale of British intrigue. Steve wants to talk about the Iroquois Theater fire. He feels it has way more of a Christmassy feel to it.

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