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That Sinking Feeling

Steve regales the fellows with a Christmas tale of woe, that of Captain Santa and the five thousand sunken evergreens of Lake Michigan. Dag was served dried figs recently and found them scrumptious. Steve was befuddled by an automated answering service.

About This Episode

The Holiday Season officially kicks off on today’s DahlCast, as Steve tell the gripping historical saga of Captain Santa and The Christmas Tree Ship, a Great Lakes tragedy, if there ever was one. You’ll want to pour a cocoa and listen closely. In more land-based news, Steve gets flummoxed by a pair of phone calls (one to his doctor and another to a subscriber). Brendan is busy enjoying the vibrant Christmas spirit in Wrigleyville, while Dag prepares for a couple of gigs in a row. Press play, and let’s boogie!

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