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Another OJ Trial?

The elevator repairman is at the Florida condo. Steve got stuck again. This time he was all alone in the house and he didn’t have his phone. Steve claimed Mike’s mother-in-law’s unattended grouper dinner. Janet challenged Steve to a blind OJ taste test.

About This Episode

With his MacGyver-like instincts winning out against his abandonment issues, Steve frees himself from his stalled elevator. And it’s a good thing, too; the golf lesson that was awaiting him was filled with epiphanies that have reignited his appreciation of the game. We’re giving out "clever cookies" to each other today, but gastronomically speaking, Brendan latest unorthodox food invention takes the cake. Steve wants to know if people are ignoring him, but he’s just getting lost in the shuffle of a busy and crowded house. Janet joins Steve in the bedroom studio for another Ask Janet segment, before her almost-too-good laundry skills take her away.

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