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Steve marveled at a drone shot used by CBS 2’s newscast. Dag regrets the timing of his front porch lumber purchase. Steve recommends hanging a lei on your lanai door. A yacht was stolen in New Buffalo. Steve wasn’t certain if he ought to tip Coffee Kai.

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Brendan namechecks a Brannock Device-wielding Ted Bundy as a symbol of the things that have been all but obliterated from our national consciousness, and we amble down a rabbit hole of similar losses. What about the funkiness of Old Town? What about tipping delivery drivers? What about the Mill Run Playhouse in the round? What about the days of lavish radio promotions and trips? Where did all those things go? Don’t worry, though, it’s not all wistful memories and sadness today. There are plenty of "new" things to celebrate. New gym shoes, new drone camera angles on an increasingly more impressive CBS 2 News at 10:00 p.m., and new phone calls on a Talk To Me Tuesday. Steal a boat, join us on today’s DahlCast, and stand with us on the crossroads of yesterday and tomorrow.

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