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Steve The Chiseler

Steve needed a chisel, but the kid at the hardware store wasn’t familiar with chisels. Tim Anderson’s postgame press conference didn’t feature top notch questions. Steve got a hot tip about a muffin bakery in La Grange. A sword wound ends a TV argument.

About This Episode

Downtown Steve has returned, and he’s once again making his rounds, giving life lessons to young clerks at the hardware store and making small talk with the girls at the bakery. He also gets a hot tip about muffins from his painter. Speaking of food, when did they start adding soda pop flavors to baked beans? Steve says a long time ago. Dag and Brendan think they might dig that. A pair of Floridiots get into a TV remote squabble, which is exacerbated by a nearby sword. Speaking of TV; Steve drops in, blocks the screen and tries to give Brendan and Dag a clearer understanding of what’s really going on in their beloved Ghost Hunters show.

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