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Bootlegging Chick-Fil-a Sauce

Steve found the clip from Highway Patrol with the sugar packets. The Blackhawks will pick 1st in the NHL Draft, with all eyes on phenom Connor Bedard. Friendly finches flip for French fries from Byron’s Hot Dogs. Robert De Niro is a dad again at age 79.

About This Episode

City life suits Brendan, and there’s nothing he loves more than a leisurely stroll through his beloved Wrigleyville. He recently went to Byron’s Hot Dogs for a 2-for-1 lunch special, and in addition to his meal he had a glorious interaction with a hungry urban finch. Steve sought an interaction from a Doordash driver, but it was not forthcoming. Dag recreated the special Chick-fil-A sauce from four simple ingredients and was pleased with the results. Steve and Dag struggled to remember the details of The Birdman of Alcatraz. The phone banks are full on a Talk To Me Tuesday.

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