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Bring Out Your Dead

Pee-wee Herman passed away at age 70. Steve watched parts of the overnight USWNT World Cup game. Talk To Me Tuesday calls lead into conscientious objections to random associations and imagineering mind theater in which Dirty Harry confronts Flowermouth.

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Are Steve and Janet still considering downsizing to a smaller home? There are a lot of factors pointing in that direction, and Brendan weighs in with the definitive answer. There in the comfort of the house; Steve fell asleep watching women’s soccer at 3:00 AM CDT. It’s a Talk To Me Tuesday, and not only do we hear from our fine listeners, but Brendt and Sergei also check in. There’s also a double Clint Eastwood attack. If Bruce Springsteen is looking for an emcee for his Wrigley Field shows, we think we know someone in the area who’ll be up for it.

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