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Center Yourself, Bro!

Steve was being a jerk yesterday for no good reason. He turned to meditation to regain his center. Joe is disappointed in the declining quality of plastic bags at Menards. Pat and Rachel gave Steve a smart water bottle that keeps track of his hydration.

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Steve is adjusting to life back at home, and there have been some difficulties, including an enthusiasm gap. On the other side of the world, the people of Spain are embracing the lift of the lockdown in a way that has us feeling a little uneasy. With Joe joining us today, we get an insider’s view of Spain, and especially bullfights. Do you roll your grapes and dates in sugar for a decorative effect, or because they provide an unnecessary dose of sweetness? After 40 years of going to the same hardware store, Steve’s accrued reward points must entitle him to some sort of astounding prize. Brendan, ever concerned with Dag’s sleeping patterns, offers an unorthodox life hack.

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