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Steve and Dag concur with the judgement that Ed Sheeran did not rip off a melody from Marvin Gaye. Fabbrini’s Flowers has a sweet supply of hydrangeas for Mother’s Day and classic bouquets, too. James Slater is a Dahl ancestor who was FDNY in the 1800s.

About This Episode

During his school days, Steve used to start off each morning with a patriotic song. Today he turns us on to another one from his childhood canon. Brendan looks forward to a festive Cinco de Mayo, beginning with a Cubs game and then leading who knows where throughout Wrigleyville. Maybe you’ll spot him? Jim Fabbrini joins us on the phone and patiently follows us on an exploration of Al Capone’s ties to the floral world. Steve is having his genealogy traced by a subscriber. Speaking of lineage, only two of Secretariat’s over 600 children are still alive, a boy and a girl.

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