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Highway Bit Patrol

Janet buys her knives one by one at TJ Maxx. The TV show Highway Patrol tackled crimes ranging from stolen tires to heroin stings. Unevenly trimmed steaks threatened to disrupt dinner. Taylor Swift songs aren’t welcome at one watering hole on Wentworth.

About This Episode

Strap yourselves and take a ride along with the men of Highway Patrol as we try to track down an escaped convict who isn’t afraid to throw a punch or push someone out of the way. It’s a TV-centric show today, as we go around the horn comparing notes on shows we like. We also explore other hot topics like the trail of broken hearts left behind by Dinah Shore. Has a classic Steve bit been ripped off by a local radio duo? Dag is back in the library as Xfinity is once again repairing the internet connection on his block. It’s a good thing that his 5.1 sound system isn’t affected by this outage, and he can still spend his afternoons immersed in the spacious remixes of Jethro Tull and Genesis.

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