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Janet labels Steve’s appetite as “abrupt.” Lisa Loeb sings a camp song like Janet’s. Duluth Dag toured a lighthouse keeper’s house. Some scoundrel swiped the gratuity jar at Simon’s during last night’s Expo ’76 gig. Janet browsed pleather at Home Goods.

About This Episode

An unfortunate instance of thievery mars the ending of the Expo’76 show at Simon’s last night. It was incredibly upsetting, but Duluth Dag is trying to take it in stride. We also reflect on the anniversary of the death of Elvis. Steve claims there was a coverup. Steve Also offers a Spectrum Audio, Lights and Visuals; Fact of the Day. Janet joins us and we discover who’s in charge of fact vs. fiction in the Dahl house. Why are udes from WI always correcting Steve's Semi-factoids? Is this a border dispute?

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