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Fear the Fritter

Steve scored seven apple fritters at Dimples Donuts in Batavia. Tom Thayer shares a memorable Dick Butkus anecdote. Rosie must wear a cone after surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL. Dag and Brendan both reveled in otherworldly cheeseburger experiences.

About This Episode

Everyone’s got dog stuff to think about; Tom’s got some vet business to attend to on behalf of Sweet Lou, and Steve’s co-recuperating with Rosie, who’s sporting both cast and cone. Justin Fields is still finding his way through the Bears’ offensive system. Brendan wants to know if Tom’s met a lot of athletes from other sports. Everyone’s got a food recommendation from their weekend, including a pair of cheeseburger victories from Brendan and Dag. Modern parents of junior football teams are troublesome for Steve. Also troublesome is the morning routine for the coexisting Dahl families. He attempts to help fix it.

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