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Picking your Seat

Dag sat fifth row for The Who at United Center. A roadie tossed out guitar pics and Dag snagged one. Snap, Crackle and Pop are gnomes, not elves. Virginia, Coach and George prepare for the Commanders. Steve has been stealing the grandkids’ lunch treats.

About This Episode

A very special Virginia Monologues is nothing short of timeless. Steve took a half an hour nap, knowing full well that he only had fifteen minutes before showtime. Rosie’s surgery went well, and everyone’s hoping her re-entry into family life goes well. Dag scored some fifth row seats to The Who, and even got a Pete Townshend guitar pick on his second try. He also hung out backstage with his friends in the opening act. What’s everyone got planned for the weekend? Brendan and Steve are taking it easy and Dag has a quick trip to the U.P. planned.

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