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FU 2020

It’s the NYE 2020 Dahlcast! Mark Giangreco and Janet Davies are making pandemic adjustments so they can uphold their New Year’s Eve tradition. Steve installed light switches in the sunroom. Janet sometimes wishes their house faced a different direction.

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We’ve got to know: was Jack Benny hiding something? Brendan recalls Steve’s early mentoring in the ways of radio station gossip. Janet joins us, to recall an uncomfortable moment with a clearly randy Roger Dahl while Steve was out of town. What’s the mouse situation in the Dahl basement? Electrician Steve scores a triumph in the sunroom/solarium. What are you doing New Year's Eve, and in which room in your house are you doing it? Join us for the last DahlCast of 2020, and relive some of the quippery in the extended show open.

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