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Rosie debates a backyard squirrel. A cyclist saves a woman from a Florida bear. Brendan’s food court dream is to open a baked potato eatery. Steve brought out the snowblower late at night. Nikki Sixx goes hard on advice. Home Depot recalls ceiling fans.

About This Episode

There’s an on-air showdown between the backyard squirrel and Rosie, indicating that there could be some trouble between the two at some point. Our further exploration of the animal world takes us to Florida, where a handsome biker comes to the aid of a lady and her two dogs as they were being attacked by a bear (brown/black bear life hack included). Brendan barbecues some potatoes and Steve is bracing himself for a property line dispute. Also, is your ceiling fan trying to decapitate you? What’s your weirdest phobia? It’s a life-a-saving DahlCast for you today, and nutty as a fruitcake.

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