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Ho Hum Derby

Rosie tiptoed around the overflowing poop in the dog run, leading Steve to finally clean up. ESPN’s Home Run Derby coverage sucked. Brendan celebrates Christmas in July and drinks beer at Mariano’s. The world loses a top notch Harry Caray impersonator.

About This Episode

Steve and Brendan find the Home Run Derby coverage to be extremely frustrating and tedious. Steve tried yelling at his TV for three hours, but it didn’t seem to change anything. Brendan waits to pick up a Mariano’s meat order in their crowded but affordable bar. A team of flight attendants turns to duct tape for the restraining of an out of control passenger. Hawaiians have had enough of loud, annoying tourists, and they’re considering ways to keep things under control. Steve is making plans for a third golf outing with his new golf buddy, and he could soon be taking to the links again with Dr. Keith Sklar and Eric Ferguson. Also: who’s hoarding all the egg sandwiches?

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