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No Pad Courage

Janet moved back up into the bedroom, kicking off a turf war with Rosie. Dag kayaked on Perch Lake and got sweaty in the sauna. Tom Thayer fed his dogs an egg treat. Tom is selling his 1991 Harley-Davidson motorcycle that Ditka once took for a joy ride.

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The much welcomed, much anticipated results are in: Steve has finally tested negative for COVID. This puts him back on the path for his knee replacement surgery, and it also means that Janet is no longer sleeping on the couch. There’s some territorial friction between Rosie and her. Steve did a good job of battening down the hatches while bracing for the storm yesterday. Brendan wants to see a Willie Nelson concert, but his softball team is in the playoffs. Dag spent some serious time kayaking and going from a really hot sauna to a cool lake. Tom Thayer introduces us to the concept of "no pad courage". He’s also got a beautiful Harley for sale. Mike Ditka once took it for a very short ride.

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