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Me, Myself and I

Slimeball Industries announces a Christmas gift subscription initiative. Nick Foles purchases a new house in Glencoe. Dag sips an occasional Topo Chico. Topo is one of the ingredients of the Ranch Water cocktail. A flyer with no pants disrupts a flight.

About This Episode

The Stever refers to The Stever as The Stever, and this weekend The Stever is having one of The Stever’s teeth pulled. All of a sudden the holidays are upon us. We’re preparing for a different kind of get together, and frankly, feeling a little ripped off (again) by The COVID. Maybe it’s time to pour a tall, cool Texas Ranch Water, hop a plane and throw up on ourselves over Mobile, Alabama. Also: a visit from a very feisty Virginia and her Virginia Monologues. She sounds like she's losing faith (in the Bears, not God).

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