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Mutual Fratricide

Steve coiled extension cords at Janet’s request. Kai Juhlin was treated to the story of his dad and uncle fighting on stage at Lounge Ax back in The Slugs days. Let’s just say it was not Dag’s best night. Janet singles out cheese tossers in Burr Ridge.

About This Episode

We take a deep dive into a notorious night in Slugs history, when the Juhlin brothers fought onstage at Lounge Ax, and then went out for a baleful breakfast afterwards. Brendan tracks down the Chicago Reader article for Steve to dissect. Speaking of epic battles, Western Springs is in the thick of a war between profane basketball players and sensitive tennis players. How will this tense situation get resolved? A $20,000 miracle sound-proof fence? Stayed tuned. Janet joins us again today, to describe her elaborate and thoughtful system of laundry and keeping Steve’s clothes orderly, including his fanciest underpants. Happy Friday from the DahlCast!

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