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My Boy Lollipop

Steve and Janet make the bed as a duo. Janet abhors grocery shopping with Steve. Bon Jovi’s concert film in Asbury Park was best heard loud. Steve joined a Facebook group about control rooms. We read about a UK murder that’s sweet yet absolutely brutal.

About This Episode

Brendan, using his deep voice, tells us the origin story of his deep voice and the problems it caused him as a sixth grader. Bon Jovi has a well-reviewed movie playing in drive-ins and theaters, though die hard fans need it louder. Steve is trolling the activity in a Facebook group devoted to vintage audio gear. Janet and Steve enjoy a shopping trip, bringing home items that are largely just for Steve. Janet gets to put them away, at least. Considering a murder weapon? We suggest boiling water with three pounds of sugar added. Steve is still struggling with his Spanglish, and continues to declare himself ‘handsome’ when he means ‘strong.’

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