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My Son Jesse

Steve scrapes the cheese off the plastic covering of his eggwich because he doesn’t want to lose out on his allotment. The Bongiovis rolled through Countryside to sign bottles of Hampton Water. Steve is bummed that the Emmys did not nominate This Is Us.

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Is the new 'Shrinkflation' taking its toll on Steve’s daily breakfast sandwiches? Guess who snuck into town yesterday to sign bottles of his Hampton Water Rose wine? Yep, JBJ was working the circuit, Sharpie in one hand, his son Jessie in the other. Steve’s classic “11 x 3” gets covered by a listener and posted on YouTube. Is Dag willing to overlook the “Larry” lyric infraction from so many years ago? Will Steve’s bike be offered as a prize at the golf outing? Finally, does Mar-a-Lago need a new roof?

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