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Smegma and Cigarettes

Dag’s extreme mountain biking adventure awaits. Janet offers words of advice before he hops on the chairlift. Steve recalls selecting and grilling his own ribeye at Alexander’s in Peoria. Dag and Brendan get the call to see if they can channel The Gift.

About This Episode

Is Johnny Depp a pirate of intellectual property? He's got a jarring new single out, and some of the source material seems to be from a 1974 book of toasts. An old friend of the show calls in seeking Steve’s technical advice. Ironically, it's the same problem Steve is having hearing her call. He is awarded with the term “savior” for his efforts. Steve does not dispute this. Janet joins us to talk frankly about about her "turf war" with Rosie. Dag attempts to find out if he has The Gift, while Brendan makes it look easy. Too easy.

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