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Potatoes au Rotten

Dag’s visit to the Woodstock Farmers Market served up a raisin surprise. Steve is golfing with is sister-in-law Judy. Dag is playing Nashville with Poi Dog Pondering this weekend, while Taylor Swift takes over Chicago with three Soldier Field concerts.

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June is busting out all over, and there’s music in the air. Taylor Swift is playing at Soldier Field, Dag and Poi Dog are getting ready to play in Nashville, and Jimmy Webb is at City Winery. Steve and Jimmy need to reconnect, but it doesn’t look like tonight will be the night. Brendan has a question about mashed potatoes. He recently whipped up a batch that features his signature open minded approach to ingredients. Speaking of food, Dag has an artisanal bread dilemma and doesn’t know what to do about it.

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