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Shrimp Talk

Dag wraps up his weeklong-plus work on Mark Roberts’ audiobook, The Lonely Banjo. It’s musicians vs. residents at Celebration Park in East Naples, where locals are complaining about noise levels. Brendan raves about Snappy’s Shrimp on Irving Park Road.

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There’s a rock band kicking out the jams in Naples, Florida (where there’s currently a heatwave) and residents are getting blown off of their lanais. One of Steve’s favorite things about the month of March is how easy it is to spell. Dag’s hard work is continuing on the audiobook version of Mark Roberts' (creator of TV’s Mike & Molly) children's book, The Lonely Banjo. Today is the final day of sessions, and Dag needed a reminder of what day of the week it is. Brendan encourages Steve to try GULF ​shrimp.

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