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It has been several years since Steve celebrated Cinco de Mayo. He thought he wrote his own vows for his wedding, but Janet corrects him. We learn the difference between cacao and cocoa as it relates to Blommer Chocolate. Joe once mailed Steve a dollar.

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It’s a Cinco de Mayo celebration, but not like Steve’s old radio blowouts. This one is more about cacao and cocoa. We’re joined by Joe Gaspar, who once mailed Steve a dollar, but not a pair of panties. As a gifted giver of invocations, Steve once toyed with the idea of forming a religion based on dollars and panties, and Joe sent what he could. We also check out a story about a mid-air scuffle, but for some reason, no passengers managed to capture the magic on their phones. Dag’s scratchy voice is still scratching, but seems to be getting better.

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