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Steve will be an early riser as he enters his very first tournament at the country club. Tee time is 8:30 PM. He has the highest handicap of any golfer participating. Janet would not relinquish her Roast 2 Order Coffee mug to descend the basement stairs.

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Steve’s participating in a golf tournament tomorrow, and he found his place in the list of rankings. Let’s just say it had him longing for the days when the radio ratings would come out. What are the effects on Steve’s hair, not to mention his hearing, after a lifetime of wearing headphones? a 101-year-old Maine woman is still working on her family’s lobster boat. Steve’s crabby, but his family roots are also in lobsters. Janet joins us, to brag about the driving she’s been doing, and reminds us of Steve’s hands-off attitude when it comes to watering the flowers.

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