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Stevesberry Sorebutt

Janet brings in a Biofreeze pain patch for Steve’s backside. Janet asks Steve to take her to a baseball game to check out the new rules. Steve remembers his very first cup of joe at a radio station. Steve fields listener questions on Talk To Me Tuesday.

About This Episode

Steve and Janet are prepping for their departure from Florida, which includes an awful lot of cleaning. We’re all excited about the upcoming Zanies show, and as today’s program is all about breaking news (which is basically unnecessary on a podcast). We learn, among other things, that our friend, Vince Argento will be joining us for sound reinforcement on that Sunday June 11th show. Today we also dig in to songwriters Jason Isbell, Steve Earle, and Alan Sherman. Brendan has an important announcement for anyone with a spice rack. Dag thinks Twitter is a cesspool, something he feels the need to confirm in small daily doses. Also: Talk To Me Tuesday!

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