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Suck it Up

Steve is jealous of the autumn leaf vacuuming service Dag gets in Woodstock. Buzz Kilman knows a good high five when he gets it. Big V needs to take the edge off with some herb. Bono’s memoir is set to hit shelves and it is certain to be a page turner.

About This Episode

This week’s Virginia Monologues represents a new "high" for this classic DahlCast series and its already high standards. Buzz breaks character to tell a story like only Buzz Kilman can. Steve is jealous of the City of Woodstock's leaf removal process, and prices a leaf sucking truck for a possible Western Springs upgrade. Dag is confounded by the current complicated state of razors and razor purchasing. On a press junket, Bono come by to talk about his book, Surrender, available now for pre-order and also pre-awards awards.

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